SportMaster® ® is a high quality brand to repair and resurface sports surfaces. Our 100% acrylic formulas are designed to produce high quality results through an easy mixing and application. We use the best acrylic resins and high quality pigments for lasting and vibrant colors for professional, recreational use, and residential areas around the world.

Systems Surfaces

Our sports surfaces are ideal for use in a variety of facilities both indoors and outdoors. Examples:

  • Tennis repair and coatings.
  • Basketball Courts.
  • Inline Skating, Hockey skates (Skateboarding and roller sports).
  • Multipurpose courts, playground (recreational areas).
  • Tennis Athletics and repair.

We have two SportMaster Systems

Sistema Color Plus: a system for high-performance sports surfaces for tennis courts and other applications..

Sport Master Cushion System: A rubberized system for high-performance tennis courts adding comfort to the courts.

Plus Color System: System for sports surfaces for high performance multipurpose tennis, basketball, among other applications.

TrackMaster™ system: ideal for athletic tracks System.

SkaterMaster™ system: ideal for skating rinks system.

ACRYLIC RESURFACER : The Acrylic Resurfacer of SportMaster® is a layer tune of 100% acrylic emulsion designed to be mixed with silica sand at work. The Acrylic Resurfacer reduces the porosity of the surface, so that your application provides an even running surface and intense color.

Uses: Acrylic Resurfacer of SportMaster® applied on asphalt or concrete surfaces to prepare them for finishing systems SportMaster® color for any type of sports surface.

Technical Details

NEUTRAL CONCENTRATE™ : Concentrated Neutral Coating is a 100% acrylic emulsion formulated for tennis and other sports flooring surfaces and recreational. Neutral Concentrate is designed to be mixed with pigment dispersion SportMaster® ColorPlus to achieve the desired color.

Uses :

  • Tennis courts.
  • Tennis basketball.
  • Multi Surfaces.
  • Playgrounds, among others.
Technical Details

CUSHIONMASTER™ I: CushionMaster™ I is designed to be applied as secondary coating layer immediately CushionMasterTM II, as part of SportMaster® Cushion System Pro. One feature of CushionMasterTM I are fine rubber particles to a closed texture.

Uses: Tennis courts or other recreational asphalt or concrete surface used as a tough pitch for SportMaster® Systems.

Technical Details

CUSHIONMASTER™ II : CUSHIONMASTER™ II is designed as a damping system. CUSHIONMASTER™ II has thick rubber particles greater playing comfort

Uses : Tennis courts or other sports asphalt or concrete surface.

Technical Details

TRACK MASTER™ : Plus TRACK MASTER™ fortified acrylic emulsion is a special acrylic particles, designed to provide exceptional flexibility and durability, designed to be mixed with pigment dispersion SportMaster® ColorPlus™ to achieve the desired color.

Uses : athletics tracks, footpaths, recreational areas, among others.

Technical Details

SKATE MASTER™ : The coating system is a system SkateMaster™ of 100% acrylic emulsion consists of one or two layers and two layers Acrylic Resurfacer SkateMaster™ coating, designed to be mixed with pigment dispersion SportMaster® ColorPlus™ to achieve the desired color.

Uses :

  • Rinks.
  • Recreational Areas.
  • Tennis basketball.

COLOR PLUS™ : Sportmaster ColorPlus™ of a water-based pigment dispersion of highly concentrated that is designed to be mixed with any of the neutral SportMaster® concentrate.

Technical Details

T/C PAINTING LINES: Line water based 100% acrylic paint based highly pigmented coat coverage. For striped tennis and other sports surfaces.

STRIPE WHITE: 100% acrylic emulsion applied before painting line T / C to fill gaps minor between the tape and the surface of the tennis court. Ensures crisp, clear lines.


ACRYLIC PATCH BINDER: 100% acrylic emulsion designed to be mixed with cement and sand Ideal for leveling and repair of the lowlands and depressions up to 3/4 "deep on the tennis court and other sports flooring surfaces. Patch Acrylic binder can also be used to fill cracks in asphalt or concrete surfaces sports up to 1" wide.

ACRYLIC CRACK PATCH: It is a crack sealant for tennis court designed to fill cracks in asphalt or concrete surfaces, up to 1 "wide. Small depressions, chipping, and other repairs to the tennis court. The product can be used before resurfacing or repair the tennis court in an existing acrylic surface.

Technical Details

COURTFLEX CRACK SEALANT: Is an elastomeric sealant cold cracking, designed for use in recreational surfaces of cracks in pavement. Use to seal cracks up to 1/2" wide. Maintains excellent flexibility, elasticity and adhesion at temperatures as low as -15 ° F on surfaces of asphalt and concrete.

Technical Details

CRACK MAGIC: It is a 100% acrylic elastomer, cracks sealant designed for sealing cracks in the asphalt and sports concrete pavement surfaces. Provides a protective barrier against the ingress of moisture into the pavement surface.

Technical Details