Petro Sealâ„¢ is a concentrated emulsion based latex is designed to seal and prime spots of oil and / or gas in the asphalt pavement before applying the sealant pavement. Petro Sealâ„¢ helps prevent oil and gasoline to drain through the freshly applied asphalt or pavement sealant based coal tar. Petro Sealâ„¢ material is a concentrate can be diluted to 2 parts water to one part of Petro Sealâ„¢


GATOR PAVEâ„¢ asphalt emulsion is a single component, modified with highly loaded polymer which is designed to fill and repair chapped and cracked surfaces of asphalt pavement areas. GATOR PAVEâ„¢ patching material is applied cold and is easy to use. GATOR PAVEâ„¢ is an economical solution for chapped areas.


Patching cold mix for high performance.


  • Does not require heating. Not shaken prior.
  • Just pour and compact.
  • Repairs instantly potholes, cracks and depressions in asphalt surfaces.
  • Recommended for parking lots, walkways and other pavement surfaces.