AsPenĀ® AC Concentrate, surface sealer is an asphalt emulsion, with mineral fillers, stabilized with clay binder designed to replenish lost by oxidation, weathering, aging and asphalt surfaces. The intense black color AsPenĀ® AC provides the old flooring and a renewed oxidized surface appearance, further reducing the costs of cleaning and maintenance.

Basic Uses: AsPenĀ® AC Concentrate is ideal to seal, protect and waterproof any asphalt pavement, including (nominative but not limited to): vehicular pavements with maximum speed of 70 km/h, secondary roads, verges of roads, parking lots, streets residential and private airstrips, margins and shooting at airports, among others.


Bitumen emulsion Liquid Roadā„¢ eis high performance fiber reinforced polymers, mineral fillers and special additives to achieve superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. Liquid Roadā„¢ binders skid-resistant surface treatment. The intense black color Liquid Roadā„¢ restore the original surface appearance of old and rusty floors, reducing maintenance costs.

Basic Uses: Liquid Roadā„¢ is ideal for secondary roads, rural roads and residential streets. Liquid Roadā„¢ also be used off the streets and treatment of premium quality parking areas. The texture produced by Liquid Roadā„¢ is ideal for vehicle traffic, bicycles and pedestrians.

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MasterSealā„¢ Concentrate, paving sealer, asphalt emulsion is stabilized with minerals, designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements. MasterSealā„¢ Concentrate is formulated to be mixed on the job site with water and aggregates.

Basic Uses: MasterSealā„¢ Concentrate is ideal for sealing; parking, residential and private streets, shopping centers, industrial parks, paths, filming in airports among others.

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With MasterSealā„¢ Modified Polymer (PMM) is an asphalt emulsion mineral reinforced high-performance, mixed with special polymers and emulsifiers for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability, the aggregate provides a safe and non-slip surface for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic steps . PMM dries faster compared to conventional pavement sealers are diluted in water prior to application.

Basic Uses: Ideal for sealing; parking, residential and private streets, shopping centers, industrial parks, paths, filming in airports among others.


OptiPaveā„¢, surface sealer, asphalt emulsion is stabilized clay Ready to Use presenting a unique combination of specialized asphalt cement and clay designed as a treatment for high performance asphalt pavements.

Basic Uses: OptiPaveā„¢ is an excellent choice maintenance for residential streets, airports, road verges and other areas where value and performance are essential. It's also perfect for keeping treatments seal sealing surfaces and cheap Slurry Seal.

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    Concentrated Neutral ColorPaveĀ® is a sealant that is made to protect and beautify asphalt pavements, such as; roads, residential streets, highways, parking lots, walkways, paths golf, amusement parks, cycle tracks and more.

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    Ready-to-Use ColorPaveĀ® Neutral is a 100% acrylic emulsion waterborne, high solids coating designed for asphalt surfaces. Neutral ColorPaveĀ® Ready for Use is reinforced with silica sand to be anti-slip and durable. ColorPaveĀ® is provided on a neutral base designed to be mixed with HD ColorPaveĀ® Tint ColorPlus or pigment dispersion to obtain the desired color. Color Pave is fortified with sand for added strength.

    Basic Uses: Ideal roads, residential streets, garages, parking lots, walkways, campode courses, amusement parks, cycle tracks and more.


    The neutral base ColorPaveĀ® HD 500 is a 100% acrylic emulsion for waterborne coatings designed exceptionally high color lasting flooring. Technology only ColorPaveĀ® crosslinking HD 500 provides durability normally associated with heat-melted thermoplastic and epoxy resins. ColorPaveĀ® HD 500 provides superior fuel resistance. ColorPave HD 500 is fortified with sand to achieve a slip resistance. ColorPave HD 500 has a neutral color that is designed to be mixed with the pigment ColorPaveĀ® HD or ColorPlusTM to achieve the desired color Pave Ā® HD COLOR TINT.

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    Pigment dispersion is highly concentrated base designed as a coloring pigment that ColorPaveĀ® sealants to add any presentation in water, is available in a variety of colors.

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