A 100% Mexican company. We provide technical assistance to private companies and government agencies.


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  • "The experience of working with you has been very good, because I have supported credit for working without delay in my works and their products are of good quality."

    Miguel Gama, Sealpro.

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    Our catalog includes domestic and imported products manufacture comprising: Sealants pavement, asphalt / coal tar sealants for cracks, paint for organic traffic, sports surfaces, and repair products, machines and equipment.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We are active agents of change in the way to preserve asphalt pavements, more safely, more durable and saving you big money.

    • Manufacturers and distributors SealMaster officers with over 40 years in the market

      SealMaster is the most known product of asfalt surfaces sealer and equipment in the world. It is one of the bigest producers of revestiment of asfalt seal, with more than a million galons applied.


    • Excellent performance and product quality

      Our catalog include national and imported products with: Pavement sealers; asfaltic / coal tar, crack sealers, ecologic traffic paints sporting surfaces, and also reparing products, parts and equipments.


    • Extensive knowledge in the discharge of materials

      More than 10 years of experience using and applying asfalts, offering low costs of corrective maintenance in asfaltics pave by using sealers to prevent damages and to preserve asfaltics surfaces in very good conditions at last for 20 years.


    • Short response time in the manufacture of sealants

      Highest quality sealers to preserv and beautify paves, with the highest technology, always working ethically, with quality and responsibility, promoting human development in our team.


    • Technical assistance and ongoing training

      Compromise is to have a team highly qualified and the best technology to satisfy our clients needs with products, services and high quality by constantly self improvement to aloud offer better paves, secures and economics.


    • Rental equipment for your applications

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